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JCD Rental is the event rentals Weatherford relies on for specialist support for a product launch, retirement party, wedding reception, end-of-year bash, bar mitzvah, or any other event. JCD Rentals has everything you need to get the party started.

Table and Chair Rentals Weatherford, TX

Call us at 682.283.3445 to schedule your event or secure table rentals. Weatherford, TX, is a vibrant community and our tables and chairs book up fast, so place your order as early as possible.

We provide high quality chairs and tables for sturdy support and elegant designs. We don’t recommend dancing on the tables, but it is strong enough to accommodate any guest who may be so inclined. The chairs are commercial-grade plastic and won’t slide out from under your guests.

Choose between elegant coal-black or pristine white to perfectly offset any décor scheme. Our team wipes down all items before the delivery, and again upon collection. We also ensure that your tables and chairs arrive at your event in optimal condition.

Are you concerned about the tables and chairs becoming dirty during your party? Don’t worry; it’s an event, revelers do get a little messy. It’s easy to wipe sticky soda and other debris off the smooth plastic surfaces.

Our low prices include delivery and collection, and for a little extra, we’ll set up the chairs and tables before your event and remove the equipment afterward. If you’re on a tight budget, speak to our team about how you can save money by collecting your order yourself.

Tent Rentals Weatherford, TX

You have to love the weather in Texas. For the most part, it’s bright and sunny, but occasionally, Mother Nature storms off in a temper. Texans know better than to rely on weather reports, however, and tents provide your guests with complete protection against the elements.

These structures are also ideal for creating a magical microcosm to celebrate any occasion.

JCD event rentals Weatherford supplies quality tent rentals at affordable prices. We have a range of products with standard walls and windows.

For slightly more, you may swap out the standard walls for cathedral windows. Combined with our high ceilings, these features lend an ethereal look to the interior, which is beautiful for weddings, in particular.

All our tents are industrial quality with high peaks, and a raised ceiling lifts the tone of any event and provides a more luxurious milieu. The extra space allows you more freedom to decorate without making the place feel cluttered.

Our trained team will erect and disassemble the tent to ensure that it’s safe and looks its best throughout your event.

Tablecloth Rentals Weatherford, TX

Our tables are attractive on their own, but you might find black and white stark. If that’s the case, speak to our team about our wide range of tablecloths. Our rental agreement includes delivery and cleaning and makes your arrangements far simpler.

The team at JCD Rental has extensive experience with party planning. We’ll ensure that you get the look that you want at a reasonable price. If we cannot match your color scheme, we’ll find something that fits the tone perfectly.

If you’d like some more flair for an extra special occasion, like your wedding, ask our consultants about the other stylish accessories in our catalog.

Nothing styles a party quite like providing your guests with genuine cloth napkins that lend elegance to any table setting. Take your hospitality skills a step further by finding colors that blend well with the theme—every detail adds to the atmosphere you want to create. Be sure to speak to our team about our napkin rental and cleaning service to make life easier for the party hosts, too.

Give every table that polished look with matching adornments from our wide range of options. For example, we provide a range of elegant candelabra that is beautiful in any romantic setting. You may display the candlestick individually or use it as a centerpiece for a stunning floral arrangement.

Please speak to our consultants about our seasonal decorations and impressive range of accessories to put the “festive” into the festivities.

Party Planning Weatherford, TX

Has your party moved beyond the stage of inviting a few friends over for a barbecue? Are you finding it challenging to keep on top of every detail? Relax and enjoy the show by leaving the party planning to our talented professionals.

Party planning is stressful, even when you’re a professional, and there are about a million tiny elements that don’t seem to matter until something goes wrong. Our professional party planner at your side makes things run smoothly and knows what to do in a bind.

The process starts with finding you the entertainment and catering you want to host. It also includes finding reliable suppliers who are willing to extend the best deals and quality services.

We provide advice on every element, from the décor to the guest’s bathroom arrangements. Sometimes it’s those final finishing touches that move the décor from mediocre to immaculate. At other times, it’s more complicated.

Perhaps you want to offer zebra rides at your safari-themed birthday bash, or something more practical, like a photo booth. It doesn’t matter; if anyone can find a way to make it happen, it is our professional party planners.

You’ll find that you appreciate having JCD Rentals on your side most when disaster looms. When the best man forgets the rings or your DJ tries to change the contract at the last minute, you need our professional to take the reins.

The primary reason to hire us is so that you can enjoy the event you’ve been planning and create special memories of the festivities, not the hiccups. You will be able to play the gracious host or hostess, mingle, and have fun like everyone else. You won’t have to worry about the canapes or the waiters serving the wrong wine.

JCD Rentals Makes Your Event One to Remember

Schedule your consultation by calling JCD Rentals in Weatherford, TX, on 682.283.3445 or book online. Let’s discuss how to make your event rentals Weatherford an overwhelming success.

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