Event Rentals Grand Prairie

If you need the most reliable event rentals Grand Prairie specialist in Texas, you’re in the right place. JCD Rentals has an extensive range of tables, chairs, tents, and accessories to make your next celebration a complete success. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion or the wedding of the century, our experts will help you select the perfect accessories and can arrange all the details for you, too.

Table and Chair Rentals Grand Prairie, TX

Call us at 682.283.3445 to book your tables and chairs today. Weekends and holidays fill up far in advance, so make sure you get your order in to avoid disappointment.

Our tables rentals, Grand Prairie, TX, are sturdy and keep food, gifts, and wedding cakes safe. If anyone spills a drink, it’s easy to wipe down the commercial-grade plastic surface.

At JCD Rentals, your guests’ comfort is our primary concern. There’s nothing more embarrassing for a guest than to have the chair give way beneath them. Our chairs are commercial-grade plastic that provides firm but comfortable support.

We provide a choice between crisp white or elegant black chairs. These colors fade into the background, allowing your décor to shine and take effect. As professionals, we take care of our property and ensure that it’s clean and presentable every time you rent it.

Collection and delivery are standard with each package, but if you’d prefer to collect and return the order yourself, feel free to speak to our friendly consultant about a discount. If you’d rather not face the hassle of setting up the tables and chairs, we have a reasonable fee structure available for this option.

Tent Rentals Grand Prairie, TX

Texan weather is a law unto itself, and Mother Nature gets herself into a mood occasionally. We love the local weather in Texas, but our event planners know to always plan for the worst of it.

Our range of quality tents provides respite from the elements with a higher than standard canopy to create the maximum space inside for the party. The additional headroom counteracts stifling humidity in summer, too.

The tents range from twenty square feet to twenty feet by seventy feet. Clients opt for bare canvas walls and windows or upgrade to cathedral windows, which are ideal for letting in more light and creating an ecclesiastical ambiance.

Our high-quality tents also lend themselves to a range of décor styles, and the higher ceilings allow plenty of space to hang decorations for a birthday, product launch, or bar mitzvah.

If you need some help with the décor, speak to our party planners for some guidance on the finer details.

Tablecloth Rentals Grand Prairie, TX

Bare plastic doesn’t make the most scintillating conversation starter, which is why we provide a range of tablecloths and matching cloth napkins for flawless elegance. Select a complementary color scheme or create drama with a contrasting set for a bold statement.

The rental agreement includes delivery and cleaning—our team will worry about getting the marks off the linen after your party, leaving you to enjoy the festivities.

While the tablecloth is important, it’s the centerpiece that sets the stage. Our range of elegant candelabra is an incredibly versatile accessory. Decorate it with candles to provide romantic lighting or load it with florals for a fresh, seasonal aesthetic.

Our heavy, sterling silver candlesticks lend a touch of finesse for a wedding, milestone birthday, or anniversary. If you’re having a year-end party, you might like something more colorful, like our range of Christmas and holiday decorations for a fun and festive ensemble.

Party Planning Grand Prairie, TX

There was a time when a party was a simple affair—you’d make a salad, slap some meat on the grill, and invite friends and neighbors. We still love backyard barbecues, but it’s fun to host something that people will talk about for all the right reasons.

Arranging a spectacular party is more complicated than choosing the right invitations, though. Thousands of small elements come together, and these are things that are easy to overlook during the planning stages, but impossible to miss at an event worth its salt.

Why put yourself through the stress when our JDC Rentals team is available and passionate about party planning? Picture yourself having a great time at your event and leave the details to us.

Our professionals have the experience, patience, and industry contacts to attend to every minutiae and eventuality both before and on the day. We know which caterers are reliable and which DJs overcharge. Call us to explain what you want, and let us know your budget, and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re not the type to cede control lightly, we are flexible. You may choose to leave everything to us or finetune parts of the planning—just let us know which elements you’d like to organize, and we’ll arrange everything else.

Take advantage of our experience to find the best deals and create a flawless, memorable event. We’ll help you to source everything from a child’s jumping castle to that truffle dessert your friend talked about after an enviable trip abroad.

We don’t stop at the planning stage—your JCD Rentals party planner is there for you from the start until the last guest leaves. You have fun and mingle with your guests while our professionals ensure that the dinner service, music, and everything else is executed according to plan.

We’re there in case something unexpected happens, like a bride who forgot to pack the shoes or a flower girl who’s too nervous to make it up the aisle. You’d be amazed at some of the curveballs we’ve fielded over the years. Our clients are like family to us, and those event faux pas become well-kept family secrets.

Make Your Event Special With JCD Rentals

Call JCD Rentals at 682.283.3445 or book online to make the magic happen at your next event in Grand Prairie, TX. As your event rentals Grand Prairie specialist, we’re standing by to make your party a success.

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