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Are you getting a headache as you plan a family or corporate event? The sheer amount of stress and pressure trying to juggle guests, invitations, and caterers — not to mention booking the venue and securing the rentals — is more than enough to overwhelm any person. Of course, you also need to put on a smile and be your best self as a host, making sure that everyone feels welcome and has fun.

Could there be a better way to plan events like weddings, birthdays, corporate events, retreats, or community fundraisers? What if we offered to make it possible for you to focus solely on shining at the event as a host? Our team of professionals could take care of the planning and organizing of the event tasks. (Are you starting to feel your headache going away, just imagining?)

At JCD Rentals, we are a family-owned event-rental and party-planning company that has served the Arlington, TX, area for the better part of a decade. Please reach out to us at 682.283.3445 for a free consultation as you begin planning your event. We can help in so many ways!

We understand how important weddings and birthdays are for you. We know how a successful corporate event may do wonders for your business. We built our event rentals and party-planning business around helping people like you bring their visions for the event to life.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, providing the foundation of our reputation. We believe that organizing and executing an event requires a balance of careful planning, sensible choices, and plenty of hard work and positive energy. Let us help you make your upcoming event a most memorable one!

Chair Rentals, Table Rentals, and Tablecloth Rentals, Arlington, TX

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a child’s birthday, a corporate event, a fundraiser, or a community get-together, your guests will need a place to sit, drink, eat, and interact with each other. While some venues do have their own tables and chairs, they may not fit your needs. At JCD Rentals, we have one of the largest and finest selections of commercial chair rentals and table rentals in the Arlington, TX, area.

Our chairs and tables are commercial-grade plastic products that can withstand outdoor events — and the rigors of the unpredictable weather in Texas. We keep rental furniture in perfect condition and take all the necessary COVID-19 precautions to clean and disinfect them after each use.

Besides renting chairs and tables, we also provide tablecloth rentals in the Arlington, TX, area — one less thing for you to worry about as you focus on getting ready for your big event.

All you have to do is reach out to us at JCD Rentals and pick out the style of chairs and tables that best suit your event. We will organize the delivery to the event location, and if necessary, provide the set-up and take-apart services before and after the event.

Tent Rentals, Arlington, TX

Planning an outdoor event is particularly challenging since you need to find a location with an attractive, appealing environment that’s accessible to all your guests. Open-air events always risk being spoiled by the unpredictable weather — whether heat, cold, wind, or rain. Your best options for outdoor events are commercial tents to provide protection and relief from the elements for your guests.

At JCD Rentals, we have a large selection of commercial tents for events that come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you need a single, large tent to house your party. Perhaps you would like to plan an event using several tents strategically-placed around a venue.

All our tents are high peak, offering plenty of room and breathability while protecting from the sun, rain, wind, or other weather elements.

We take meticulous care of our tents, making sure they stay weather-proof, clean, and functional. Besides the rental service, we’ll also deliver the tents to your location, set them up before the event, and take them apart after the event. All you will need to do is tell us about your vision for the event, as well as the number of guests invited, and we will put together a proposal with several options for commercial tents.

Party Planning, Arlington, TX

Do you need help planning a large corporate event? Maybe you’re hosting a large family reunion during the holiday season? How about a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime wedding? Making such an event memorable and unique is something that all of us strive to do. Well, you are in luck! At JCD Rentals, we excel in turning your vision and ideas into reality.

We’ve organized hundreds of personal and corporate events, and we believe that we’ve learned the perfect formula. That ideal recipe is a balance of diligent planning, creative problem solving, and plenty of energy and enthusiasm. We take pride in being able to put smiles on people’s faces and create long-lasting memories.

At JCD Rentals, we understand what wonders a successful corporate event can do for your business, as well as how memories of a wedding day are something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Our hardworking team can give you a chance to focus on those precious moments. At the same time, we will take care of all the tasks such as sending out invitations, organizing the venue and the caterers, providing event rentals, preparing seating arrangements, and installing and taking apart the tents at the location.

Kickstart Your Personal or Business Events with JCD Rentals

If you’re planning a personal or business event in the Arlington, TX, area, now is the best time to contact JCD Rentals. We are a husband-and-wife premium event-planning and rentals service with experience creating memorable events for our customers. We look forward to putting together an “event for the ages” for you! Please call us at 682.283.3445 to tell us about your vision

It all starts with a free consultation discussing the event you’re planning and any special requests or amenities you might need. Next, we’ll prepare a proposed plan and budget for the upcoming event. If you like what we have to offer, just give us the green light, and we’ll set the plan in motion!

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