Tips on Selecting the Right Event Rental Company

Picking out the right event rental company involves a lot of considerations. You might wonder whether a company has the right table rentals, chair rentals, and tent rentals that you require for your event. And even if they have the right equipment, will they show up on time and be upfront with their pricing?

Many people have fallen into the trap of searching for “event rentals near me” and choosing the cheapest rental company they come across, only to be swarmed by hidden charges and miscellaneous fees. Choosing the right event rental company is crucial to the party planning process, as your event budget and timeline hinges on how well and how inexpensively they can deliver their services.

Here are a few tips for finding the right event rental company for whatever event you have planned. These are just the basics, but they apply to all kinds of events, including speaker conferences, meet and greets, and children’s birthday parties.

Choose a Rental Company With Well-Preserved Equipment

Clean and well-maintained tents, chairs, and tables are crucial in giving your event a welcoming, comfortable feeling. When you are hosting a party with a big emphasis on aesthetics, like a wedding, bar mitzvah, or a birthday party, you do not want your guests seeing food stains on the white tablecloths or rust stains on their metal chairs.

Finding the right rental company means performing a visual equipment inspection at your prospective company’s warehouse. Visit their warehouse and check for any stains and grime or chairs and tables that wobble.

More importantly, you should check the status of their electronic equipment. If you are planning a quinceañera or a gender reveal party, you do not want a microphone and a sound system that only works half the time, especially if you are paying for an emcee. Check the status of their lights, projectors, and amplifiers to make sure everything is working.

Choose a Flexible and Dependable Rental Company

Your event timeline can change in a snap, and the event rental company you hire must be able to accommodate these potential changes.

When organizing corporate events, like investor conferences and product presentations, keynote speakers sometimes cancel due to sudden changes in their schedules or travel restrictions. Other times, you might have to postpone an event before announcing a final date.

Choose a party rental company that will work around your schedule. Keep an open communication line and remember to call them at your earliest convenience if you sense your event timeline will change. Ask the rental company about their policy for event changes and whether they charge different rates in the event of such changes.

Choose a Rental Company With Enough Experience

These days, everybody’s trying to open their own startup company. Look for a rental company with years of experience and a good reputation for providing supplies for the type of event you have planned.

A party rental company might have a ton of experience handling children’s birthday parties and weddings, but no expertise in providing supplies for events like pageants and award ceremonies.

Ask your family and friends for referrals, or better yet, find a professional events planner and see which companies he or she can recommend.

A Good Party Should Not Be Hard To Arrange

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