How Event Rentals Can Enhance Your Next Party

When you think about planning a party, choosing an event rental company might seem like an unnecessary footnote, but it can make or break your event. Event rental companies are more than just a place for chair rentals, tent rentals, and table rentals. They can offer packages with a theme and aesthetic to provide a party atmosphere your guests will appreciate.

If you’re savvy about party planning, you know that it takes more than a Google search for “event rentals near me” to set up a birthday bash or a college reunion. Successful parties give off a vibe that’s appropriate for the celebration.

For example, you wouldn’t include black, burgundy or maroon colors for a gender reveal party in the case of tablecloth rentals. They’re more appropriate for a book signing or a corporate event. More suitable colors such as robin’s-egg blue, light pink, or chiffon yellow symbolize joy and optimism for your child’s future.

Whether you are designing your party personally or working with a professional designer, knowing the basics will help you make your party look good. Your guests will thank you.

Spruce Up Your Tables

Well-accessorized surfaces are a boon to otherwise barren interior areas. They add a certain joie de vivre and a lived-in feel to even the most boring of aesthetics. Designers love putting accents like books, flowers, and souvenirs, in nearly every corner of the modern home. The same should apply to a venue’s look as a space where people will experience an important event in their lives.

Spruce up your tables by using patterned placemats on plain linens or vice versa. Put a flower vase at each table’s center and add flowers that match your tablecloths’ color. If you’re planning to go for a pink and white theme, place lilies and carnations at the center of each table to set a gentle and somewhat feminine mood.

If you’re planning an event for children, you can set up individual containers for arts and crafts in the front of each seat. Be careful not to include tablecloths or lightwood tables as markers can leave permanent stains on linen and semi-porous surfaces.

Arrange Your Guests in a Way Where They Can Easily Socialize

There is nothing quite as depressing as being the host of a boring party. People have tried many gimmicks to keep that from happening, such as seating strangers together so they can make new friends instead of sticking with their original cliques.

Create an environment where socializing is encouraged by having tables closer to each other. Multi-directional communication, where your guests can talk to the person behind them instead of just the ones in front or the sides, will create a much more social atmosphere. Organize fun activities that involve making new connections instead of sticking with the same old party games.

Stick To Your Overall Theme

If you’re planning a party for a teenager, bright, soaring colors will be the order of the day. Stick to reds, blues, bright greens, and oranges for your goodie bags and banners. If you’re planning a party for an adult, consider sticking to more somber colors like maroon, forest green, and navy blue.

You get the theme here: The older your celebrant gets, the darker and statelier your color palettes.

Your color palette will determine the rest of your aesthetic decisions. Your napkins, balloons, place cards, and plates will all follow the primary colors you set. Create a cohesive look by only using colors complementary to the three primary colors on your color palette.

For intimate events, rent some tea light candles and hire a four-piece string ensemble. For a livelier party, rent a few spotlights and a live band or a DJ. Sticking to a theme isn’t hard, but if something you do betrays the theme, it will stick out like a sore thumb in front of your guests.

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