5 Questions To Always Ask Your Vendor

Corporate event planning involves managing a hundred moving parts. You have to make sure your keynote speakers are available, and you have to find a date when most of your company’s investors and stakeholders are available. Your event shouldn’t coincide with any major trade shows and investor conferences.

All the above considerations are just for three types of events: trade shows, investor days, and shareholder updates. Christmas parties, executive brunches, and product launches are entirely different deals.

A corporate planning team will help you create a timeline and a feasible budget. And a reliable events supply company will help you take care of chair rentals, table rentals, tent rentals, and general party planning.

Finding a competent rental company isn’t as simple as Googling “event rentals near me.” Ask for referrals from your co-workers or fellow event managers instead of sorting through the glamorized webpages and artificially inflated Yelp reviews of many rental companies.

If you think you’ve found the right rental company, here are five questions to ask to make sure your event goes smoothly.

1. If I Plan My Event During Off-Season, Do I Get a Discount?

Many rental companies offer steep discounts to remain cash flow positive during the off-seasons. People usually throw their events in the spring or summer when guests can have a great time outside without worrying about the rain and the cold.

Corporate events usually happen in venues like hotels, auditoriums, and conference halls, where 90% of activities are indoors. Planning corporate events gives you greater flexibility than planning a wedding, birthday party, or even a recital.

If you can negotiate a discounted deal with your rental company, you can allocate more resources to some aspects of your party that are more demanding. So remember to ask your contact person about seasonal discounts.

2. How Much of a Deposit Do You Need?

Corporate expenditures are a slog to get approved, especially for outside events with no clear-cut return on investment. Ask right away how much of a deposit your rental company needs and when it is due, especially if you know your company won’t approve additional expenses on the fly.

Prepare up to 50% of your rental’s total cost, and make sure you’ve picked out all the items you need so adjustments won’t be necessary. Itemize everything — from tablecloth rental costs to the emcee’s talent fee.

3. Do You Own the Equipment You’ll Be Renting Out to Me?

Some rental companies own their event supplies, while some rely on third parties. It’s best to opt for a rental company that owns their inventory as they will have better control over the quality of their supplies, which is a win for you and your guests. Using companies that own their own inventory are usually cheaper, because they don’t have to pay a middle man to provide the rentals.

4. When Do You Replace Your Equipment?

A good party rentals company will replace their stained tents, tablecloths, and wobbling tables as soon as they notice something’s wrong. Be straightforward and ask your contact person about their company’s standards for quality. If you don’t ask, your guests may be in for an ugly surprise.

Nothing is more annoying than sitting on a chair with one slightly shorter leg or dining on a table where you can’t rest your forearms because it will wobble over to one side.

5. How Long Does It Take To Set Up and Clean Up?

Asking your rental company how long it takes for them to set up and clean up is an essential part of completing your event timeline. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, it could take hours for them to set up your stage, tent, and buffet tables.

You have to record your rental company’s setup and teardown times and then coordinate with your venue manager. Avoid fees for overstaying by communicating with these two stakeholders.

Do You Have More Questions?

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